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Warcraft 3

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    WoW Resurrected: Shadow of Undeath
    [ Скачать с сервера (3.77 Mb) ] 10 Января 2016

    Note: This is an edit of WoW Reborn, one of the final edits, if I may add.
    I started to edit WoW Reborn over a year ago, first producing the version "Drums of War", and then advancing on to meet the demands of those who played the map. Shadow of the Necropolis is designed to do two things, one of them being giving the players a chance to taste custom heroes and abilities in a massive RPG map, another being coordinated group boss fights. After awhile, with the amount of changes to the map, I've decided to rename it into "World of Warcraft Ressurrected".

    Patch Notes:

    Version Ressurrected: 1.10
    - All Naxxramas boss fights have been buffed.
    - New minimap preview image and loading screen image added.
    - Molten core has been removed and Bronzebeard is now at his rightful place.
    - Ragnaros has been replaced by Al'ar.
    - In addition to Atiesh, Medivh now drops Ancient Cornerstone Grimore as well.
    - In addition to Band of the Frozen Wastes, Morbent Fell drops Reliquary of Souls.
    - Al'ars drop table has been set to Talon of Al'ar and Ashes of Al'ar.

    Version Ressurrected: 1.20
    - The Naga and Blood Elf trees has been greatly expanded.
    - The Naga has been introduced with 2 more structures: Drowned Boatyard (Primary Melee troop production) and Torrential Highperch (Flying troop production).
    - The Naga has been introduced with 4 more units: The Ancient Hydra, Sea Giant, Naga Battlequeen and Leviathan.
    - The Blood Elf has been introduced with a new structure: Syphon of the Netherstorm.
    - The Blood Elf has been introduced with 5 more units: The Immortal, Blood Mage, Crusader, Unstable Voidwalker and Mana Wyrm.
    - Each of the two races has had upgrades respective to the new units added.

    Version Ressurrected: 1.21
    - Fixed a bug where after completing the last quest in the Illidan chain, the player gets two heroes: his normal hero and an invulnerable Illidan.
    - Fixed a bug where Warlord specters gave +300% attack speed.

    Version Ressurrected: 1.22a
    - All Unique items have been redone and nerfed to give only 3 as opposed to the previous 4 item bonuses.
    - Several boss fights, such as the dragon temple and felwood fight, has been edited so that it is no longer possible to bug. A trigger has been implemented so that units cannot attack the respective bosses unless within a certain region, unless the bosses are not in that region.
    - An AI has been implemented for some boss fights where the bosses will return to their starting locations if no players are within the boss fight region.
    - The aforementioned AI as well as a trigger for auto heal, much like how bosses reset in WoW, is being debated at the moment to see if it should be implemented for all bosses.
    - The Dragon Temple Guardian boss has been replaced with Twin Illidari Champion Bosses.
    - Al'ar and Morbent Fell no longer drop the chaos and order stones, Netharel and Varedis now do.
    - The Juggernaut's Path of Blood ability, due to its buggable nature, has been replaced with a new spell: Cataclysm's Edge.
    - Netharel, one of the new bosses, has had his loot table set to Chaos Stone Fragment and Cursed Vision of Sargeras.
    - Varedis, the second of the new bosses, has had his loot table set to Order Stone Fragment and Skull of Gul'dan.
    - The model file for the Eternal Guardian has been replaced.
    - Each and every Unique item has had its item bonuses fixed so that the item bonuses do not overlap the item bonus of another Unique item.
    - The damage on Nether Drakes and Blood elf Immortals had been reduced.
    - The attack type of Naga Battlequeens, Sea Giants and Immortals had been changed to Chaos.
    - The mana cost of all profession abilities had been reset to its original amount.
    - The Reliquary of Souls' charge has been reduced to 3.

    Version Ressurrected: 1.22b
    - All of the Unique items have had their tooltips updated.
    - All of the Hero Selection tooltips have been updated.
    - All of the spell tooltips have been updated.
    - A new series of triggers had been added so that when a unit leaves the boss combat region, the boss will move back to its original position. After one minute, if no enemy unit is in the boss fight area, the boss's HP will reset to 100%. This has not been applied to the dreadlord, plaguebringer, destroyer, guardian of tirisfall and hydra queen fights.
    - Inner Vitality has been greatly buffed.
    - The stun duration on Warstomp, Soul Fire, Aimed shot and bash had been reduced.
    - Fixed a bug where Netharel respawned.
    - Most of the quest reward items had been redone to fit their difficulties.
    - The artifact shop had been updated and its items are now at their correct costs.
    - Goblin Land Mines, due to its ability to be abused, has had its stock limit set to 3, and restock timer set to 3 minutes, and now cost 525 gold each.

    Version Final
    - Repaired all known abusable bugs.
    - Added new Loading screen image.
    - Map is now optimized and heavily protected.

    Note: after going through a few looks at the map, I've thought over new ideas on improving it. I have begun to revamp the map from its base and am planning to add in many new features. Look for the new version of Resurrected in the next couple of weeks!

    For now: here's a taste of the ALPHA.

    Version Wrath of the Lich King pre-ALPHA
    - All hero spells have had their cooldown, mana cost and effects data changed and balanced.
    - Hoarmurath has been renamed Sindragosa, and has had her base damage increased to 2750.
    - Adrenaline Rush's effects have been changed to last only 5 seconds.
    - Huntress has been renamed to Valkyrie.
    - Valkyrie's Multishot and Trueshot mastery abilities have been replaced with Impetus and Volley.
    - Ancient Phoenix's Feedback ability has been replaced with Purgatory.
    - Warder's Starfall and Starfire abilities have been replaced with Wrath of Cenarius and Lucent Beam.
    - Lich's Shadowburn ability has been replaced with Death Pulse.
    - While in Cloak of Shadows, the Mercurial can cast Dispersion.
    - The name of Decaying Orchid has been changed to Orchid Malevolence.
    - Undead acolytes no longer needs to haunt to collect gold.

    Version Wrath of the Lich King pre-ALPHA Hotfix
    - Fixed the bug where the game wasn't playable to begin with; there was a error with optimization.

    What's to come:
    - Game modes: Dungeon siege; diplomacy; free for all; double versus; team versus; shadow of the necropolis.
    - Maelstrom Arena.
    - Item recipes.
    - Updated zones categorized by level.
    - Creeps will give gold and experience according to level.
    - Boss A.I.
    - Updated Northrend with the Lich King as the final boss.
    - Mini bosses in most zones.
    - Updated blood elf and naga trees (further).
    - And much, much more.

    Version Shadow of Undeath BETA 1.01
    - Morbent Fell has been replaced with Arthas.
    - Fixed the last quest in the Forsaken Chain.
    - Frostmourne has been added to the list of Unique Items.
    - Guardians of Icecrown has been given a new model.
    - Gluth has been given a new model.
    - Death Knights had been given a new model.
    - Bloodelf upgrade's tooltips and icons had been updated.
    - Mercurial's Dispersion damage has been significantly lowered (it was able to 1 shot bosses).
    - Fixed a hotkey error with Permafrost.
    - Fixed creep placement and density in Northrend.
    - The Pain of Felwood boss has been revamped to be somewhat easier and has had its model changed to an Eredar Warlock's, and had been renamed "Prince Malchezzar".
    - Tooltips have been updated for all heroes during selection.
    - Arcane Cataclysm now requires an upgrade to be used.
    - Blood Mage training has been included.

    Version Shadow of Undeath BETA 1.02
    - Fixed a bug where the Lich King missed one of his spells.
    - Made the size of the Lich King bigger.
    - Made the tint of Guardians of Icecrown darker.
    - Fixed the movement speed of Apocalyptus.
    - Fixed the levels of the 5 Paladins.

    Version Shadow of Undeath BETA 1.05
    - Various bug fixes took place.

    Version Shadow of Undeath BETA 1.05b
    - Removed divine shield from the Paladins that players needed to kill for a quest.
    - Fixed a bug where Arthas would not lose invulnerability.
    - The hitpoints of all main structures have been restored to normal.
    - Various additional bug fixes took place.

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